Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stand Firm Mrs Merkel !

While it is far too tempting to yet again Bailout the system, if this had worked in 2008 we would not now be debating the current problems besetting the financial system.

There are calls to issue Eurobonds, but what is the point of adding more debt and issuing more debt to try and retire the old debt ?

This has gone far enough Mrs Merkel and it is about time the financial system gets what is coming to it.

The real economy will recover quickly if so called "Firewalls" are used to protect "Depositor Savings Only" and new Good Banks are established free from any old debt.

Unfortunately it is different this time, Governments have spent so much they simply can't "Spend their Way Out"

The simplest solution is to Quickly Purge the bad Toxic Assets ie Bad debt from Banks. No Bonus for Banks as all commercial contracts become Null and Void.

Osborne gave the IMF £10 Billion of your hard earned money in April no questions asked. Well have your say and tell him "If we are in it all Together ! No More Bailouts for the Banks and IMF"

E-petition make your Vote Count "No More Bailouts"

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